Wednesday, October 1, 2008


2 new shows that I actually dig are:

I think this show is uber cute! It's unlike all the other drama-relationship-cheating sh*t on tv. Kinda corny at times, but nonetheless, super cute! I love all the characters, and I guess that's why I like the show. I'm not technically addicted yet, but I just think it's cute and something different to watch.


DUUUUDDDEEEEEE, I totally heart this show! I find it oh-so hilarious and smart. I can never guess what happens next (for the most part) and, again, I love all the characters. I am definitely addicted to this show. Everyone's gotta give this show a chance!!!!

There are so many new shows but I tend to stick to my originial favorites and watch alot of repeats. But, I think I can add these two shows onto my list =] Gosh, I'm such a tv-junkie/addict/buff/fanatic/etc.


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