Thursday, October 23, 2008

I don't know if everyone knows already, but at Nordy, the MAC brush sets are only $35. That's $15 off of the normal $50. Click here. They have all 3 in stock! I believe it's also instore??

I just placed my order =]
...bought some more falsies. From Red Cherry. First time. I wanted to try it even though I think the ones I'm selling are probably just the same. But some of these styles are pretty funky!
I'm thinking the glitter one for Halloween!!! =]

From the weekend...
...went to Elevate for my boytoy's friend's bday. It was okay. First time there. A mixed crowd. If I had to pay the usual $20 cover, I probably wouldn't go there. It's T-I-N-Y! But it's a good crowd mix. A little of everything =]
Took all bad pictures the entire night!!! BUT I love this top!! Super silky and SEQUINS! Gotta love the sequins! Excuse the bad angled face + slight bra flash =X
That's all folks...



angie519 said...

Ooh do let me know how you like the falsies! Love the top!

jeSmakeup said...

cute top!

i want those MAC HOLIDAY BRUSHES!! they're SOOooOo red (even tho its not my color at all) but its just sOOo cute! lol