Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Went to catch some movies at the drive-in =]
Super cute movie! A lot of the funny parts were in the previews, so that sucked. But, I still like it because mainly I support Michael Cera. They make a cute couple in the movie too!!! If you don't see it, it's okay. Not my fav, but definitely cute!
Max was 'aiight'. I didn't love it at all!!!! But I guess you can't expect much when it's based on the game. Mark definitely fit the look of Max Payne, I thought. Anyhoo, maybe it's more of a 'guy' movie. I'd say...pass.

Went to Misuwa Market nearby to pick up the much loved Mandom Makeup Remover!!!! Many thanks to many bloggers (starting with xppinkx) for introducing such a wonderful item.
I got the blue one, since I've seen it being bought more. But, now it seems that that the pink/clear one is for normal I should have gotten that one. Has anyone used both and noticed a difference??? But so goood!!! Very excited! Pump is still a bitch to get a hang of though. Love the water feel. No oilness. Saves mee money since I was planning on getting some Bi-Facil during Sephora's FnF next month.
OH!!!!! And, if you have a Mitsuwa Market (locations) near you, check it out because they have it for just $9.99!! Other bloggers seem to spending a couple dollars more! But hey! You can put that dollar towards $1 boba milk teas!!!



jeSmakeup said...

i wouldnt think anybody i would know that would have a makeup blog... lol yea i saw ur blog awhlie ago but i didtn kno if i should leave u a msg or not lol well anyways yea i remember u from 3rd grade n i use to talk to u cuz u were a new student then i moved... so thats so long ago lol the only person from baldwin i kinda talk to now is mona... anyways i wanna get that makeup remover too!! but i think i have enough.. ill wait til i run out lol

i look different? nah its just wit the makeup.. i still look the same.. and i think u do too lol


Vanessa M. said...

awwwwwwwww i wanna see nick n nora and awwwwwwww iw ant that makeupremvoer!

angie519 said...

I haven't watched movies in a long ass time.. Nick and Nora looks cute!

I like the Mandom cleanser for removing makeup from the face but it doesn't remove waterproof mascara very well for me.

Kimberly Tia said...

ooo great entry -- everyone's obsessed with Mandom!!! said...

I saw it at Mitsuwa last week...ahhhh...I picked it up, then put it back down, then picked it up it goes on and on...but I decided to put it back down cause I use that $10 to buy candies instead. LOL