Saturday, October 11, 2008


Friday - Bored at work.

I've never really taken pictures of this is my first attempt!!


F21 checkered scarf (YAY! it was chilly enough to wear finally)
F21 top with crocheted back
Black Hudsons (probably my favorite pair!)
Teal Urban Outfitters sandals

Saturday -
DAANNNGGG! That's horrible picturing taking, OH WELL!


Old Navy scarf (one of my favs!)
Nordstrom tan wrap cardigan (I can't believe I've had that for over...7 years! I love wraps!)
AE striped tank
Citizens straight jeans
Target gold goddess sandles (I love these so much, that I found a few of them on eBay so now I have about 5 backups =X)

Makeup Question:

Anyone out there allergic to Mica? I'm not sure if I am,but EDM seem to not be working with me, and their first ingredient is Mica. But, BE has been working or me for over 5 years, which contains Mica but isn't one of their first ingredients, therefore there probably isn't TOO much of it. *shrugs* If you are allergic, any mineral foundation out there that works for you??



angie519 said...

EEK, you may want to look up Prescriptives and Silk Naturals mineral foundation. I have no idea whether they contain mica, but it's worth a look. GL!

Cute outfits! I esp like the 2nd one. You're so skinny!

Vanessa said...

cuttttee outfits!