Friday, December 19, 2008

OooooOoo the holidays =D

Their first had jeans for $55. Their most recent was $60-65? I think. I forgot. So I assume that is the price range you should be anticipating.
Been SUPER busy these past couple of days.

Because of limited budget, decided to do some baking to create some holiday gifts! It took me a total of 2-3 days to finish *whew* It was my first time 'decorating' cupcakes, therefore I had no idea what to expect. NOOWWW I know. Next time I will do everything in the correct order.

These white chocolate mint leaves TOOK FOREVER!!!!!!! That was the longest and hardest part. Not necessarially hard, but just tedious.
Had HUNDREDS of mint leaves!!! And they aren't reusable! =/
Melted chocolate dries up sooooooooooooo fast, so hadda work QUICK!!!! See how it's a bit lumpy =X it dried INSTANTLY! Once it touches a cold surface! Luckily, you can't really tell at the end, because the other side is imprinted with the surface which faces up [you'll see] =)
Pretty much had more than this container filled with white chocolate leaves! GOODNESS!! It was crazy. And, at the end of the night, it wasn't enough. So the next night, I had to make more!
Made 72 cupcakes!!!!
Now...time for decorating!!!! =D
Almost done.............................
The first two Christmas wreaths =)
The bows are edible too! Made out of those fruit roll up things!
Looked all over for those darn balls! They are just simple chocolate balls. Some off brand. But it was PERFECT for the look!
*Whew* at the end...overall...pretty happy with the look. The leaves looked super cool! And super yummy! Gotta love white chocolate! I plan on doing something like this soon. It's just super fun! Maybe some holiday cookies =)

Past couples days have been shopping! I'm getting ready for my trip up north. Getting some winter gear!

Dropped by Mervyns. They are going out of business. Had a sign that said '70-80% entire stock' so I just had to stop by. It was a MEESSSSS!!! Everything was everywhere. Everything misplaced. Very hectic, yet somehow, I ended up spending a WHOLE lotta money, but saving a WHOLE lotta too!

Picked these loafers up! Aren't they kute? Like wannabe Uggs. Super comfy and UBER UBER cheap!
They retail for $30. 70%, so they were $9. PLUS, I got an additional 30% so it actually came out to $6.29!!!!!!!!!! I got one in tan and one in dark brown. One to wear at home and one to wear out. Then...................I ended up going home with about 8 of them =X They make perfect gifts for someone on a (slight) budget =)

Also ended up buying a bunch of crap for my nephews! Everything was like <$5! So cheap!
Dropped by Borders and got them a bunch of books too! 11 in total. That was so much fun!
Do you guys remember this book??? When I saw it, I knew I had to buy it for them!

Even without mulla, I ended up ordering Sephora the other day because of that $15 coupon PLUS 15% off. My box came today. *Surprised* and pleased with the FAST shipping!
I think I'm addicted to the Philosophy line. I wanna try EVERYTHING they have! It has been working for me so far. No irritation. Still have breakouts/blackheads/etc, but I'm hoping over time, it'll help with everything! *Sigh* We shall see.
Trying the eyeshadow primer. I don't have SUPER oily lids or anything, but creases never look good. So, just got it in case I need it one day!
Nars blush in Amour. I wanted a matte blush.
MUFE cream liner. I just caved and bought it. Hopefully I'll love it because I am in dire need of a good liner! I can't use LIQUID everyday =X Liquid is still my best friend. I never EVER have problems with them and they always stay put ALL DAY LONG.
Gots loads of wrapping to do this weekend! I hope I get to go to the Paige sale. Would be great to get my brother+his gf some paige jeans.

Monday, December 15, 2008

My cold weather CRAVINGS!

Started raining last night here in LA.

Woke up this morning with a HUGE craving for chocolate.
So, I made some brownies =)

I also used some melted Ghirardelli chocolate to put on top. *drools* It's insanely a sweet ass brownie!!!!

I did some shopping at Urban. Returned half the things I got though, sadly. I really wanted most of the items to work out.

Got a new ID case. My old one (bought from Urban) broke =( So I finally replaced it!

Bought a bunch of tees from Threadless =) Some for the boytoy, myself, and gifts!

My order from Coastal Scents.

These brushes are 'aiight'. They are decent. Somewhat soft. Only the concealer brush was REALLY stinky. The other two were okay.

Overall, I'd put a *PASS* on this set.

I also got the bent liner brush and the pink crease brush.
Bent liner is good. It's quite thin and that was EXACTLY what I wanted.
The crease brush is QUITE large. I was hoping it would be more like a pencil brush, but oh well. Didn't stink or shed or had dye come out when washed, so I'm happy.
Got one of the Gel Liners. I wanted Black, but it wasn't in stock. This is Indigo Blue. Super pretty!! Love the color, but don't like the quality very much. As an eyeliner, I don't like it very much. It tends to move around, so doesn't quite stay put! But, as a base, I believe it works really well. It's creamy and dry at the same time.
Overall, I'd say *PASS*. I just placed an order at Sephora for the MUFE AquaLiner. So I have high hopes for that to work out!

So, I saw the MAC 25% off Holiday Sets =X
I am going broker than BROKE status! There's so much I want. And I'm such a sucker for a good deal!
I'm thinking, one palette (maybe more) and all the Little Darling lipgloss sets! I'm in the need of some right now! I've never been much of a 'lip' person, so might as well start my collection now!!
Welps, off to make my MAC list =) Keep warm ya'll!

Friday, December 12, 2008


All Men's and Women's Jeans are $60.
Women: they also have shorts and skirts too!
They also have kids jeans.
There are some 'somewhat' dressing rooms. Not really private so everyone can see you changing.

It's a HUGE warehouse, but there wasn't that much selection.
I didn't end up leaving with anything =(
Kinda alot of jeans...but it was mainly the same style over and over again. Lots of bootcut! I prefer straight/skinny. A few skinny but NO straight.

What I didn't like?
A bunch of freakin workers! A few security guards too! Like...there probably was more workers than shoppers when I went this morning. Weirddd....
There was a MALE security guard at the freakin DRESSING ROOMS!!!
Staring and all. He said he was liking his view and his job. WTF????

not so good sale. But, if you are a Hudson fan, def check it out because $60 is pretty darn good. Just either DON'T try on jeans or wear a skirt/dress =|

I was in and out of there in <30 min. But it was only like a <15 min drive for me. So, it's all good.

Everyone had a great weekend!!!


Thursday, December 11, 2008


So, after finishing the 'Twilight' Saga...I realized now that I am addicted to the passion of the characters. I want MORREEEE!!!! Since there isn't really any more...I sought out the unfinished 'Midnight Sun'. Read all 12 chapters in one sitting...and I REALLY hope Meyer decides to finish it...because I thought it was good. It's very different looking at all the scenes through Edward's eyes. Kinda funny. With all the obsessiveness he has with her without knowing why. I found it WAYYYYY more interesting than Bella.
Anyhoo...MIDNIGHT SUN!!! Gotta finish it Meyer!!!!

(I'm not even sure if that's the correct unfinished cover or not)

I actually found an online petition. Welps, actually...there are MANY petitions online. So, hopefully she'll hear the fans and get up off her ass and finish it =)

I just finished rewatching 'P.S. I Love You'. LOVE that movie. My eyes couldn't stop ballin' the first time I saw that movie. And GERALD BUTLER!! *drools*

FIRST day of trying out the Coastal Scents Gel Liners...
HATED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
First wouldn't go on smoothly kept FLAKING!!!
I don't know.
Imma try it out tmr (i think) and update.
But I had higher expectations because of the good reviews and all...but truly disappointment right now.
Maybe it was just a bad day.
So we shall see.
It is a beautiful color though!!! I got Indigo Blue. Very deep blue. Almost black but you can tell it's blue in the light. I dig it!

Gosh, I'm in a movie mooood...sooo...back to rewatching movies!!! =)

OH!!! And I decided on going to the Hudson Sale tmr =D Not expecting anything...but just going to check it out! I'll update with my purchases =X


Wednesday, December 10, 2008



I don't know what to expect...but since it is the FIRST one, I'd assume lines won't be as long as other ones. It's Friday/Saturday, so I'd suggest going Friday. But, I doubt they'll be THAT many shoppers to begin with...but it can always surprise me.

I hope I can go =X
My partner in crime is in Japan =(
Plus, after that William Rast sale, I don't know if I can afford any more jeans...but gosh...HUDSONS!!!! of my absolute fav brands!...

If I do go, I'll go Friday so I'll tell ya'll that are planning on a Saturday trip if the goods are worth it...

PLUS!! Everyone should save their weekend for the STILA SALE (that I don't get to go to) *sigh*


Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Gosh, it's been such a long time!

I've gotten all of my purchases (sephora mainly).
Added a few more purchases (cs n others).
Finally finished 'Twilight', watched the movie, then ZOOMED through the next 3 books within 3 days =X

My ABSOLUTE favorite was the 4th one...'Breaking Dawn'. I just couldn't put it down...all 700 pages of it! But yeah...zooomed through it. 'Twilight' took me a while to get through because I wasn't THAT into it. But with low expectations, I picked up 'New Moon' and it definitely beat my LOW expectations so much that I couldn't put it down! Once I finished it, I automatically picked up 3rd then 4th. I didn't love Edward like everyone else in the beginning...but he grew on me. Anyways, overall...great series! I'm glad there was an ending because that is what kept me reading...I just WANTED to know what the ending was =)

Watched the movie with J. Expectations wasn't met =
Because of all the dough they made, I hope they make the rest of the book movies GREAT!
I'm very anxious to see the rest of the movies! I really CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

AND....weeks ago was...THANKSGIVING.
Was busy with my family visiting!
It was great overall! Had a great time!
This year, I made pumpkin pie for the first time instead of just picking it up at Marie.
While mixing the ingredients and occured to me know disturbing it all looked.
Had to snap a few photos =X
Made two different receipes...
While mixing =X....
Once done mixing...=S

Aren't those mini ones adorable??? They were for my newphews! =)

That's all the photos I had uploaded...
Lots of stuff to review or at least post about!!!!
J left to Japan on Monday! Gotta send her my list...but I don't know what to expect to find over there...(besides false lashes). Hope she has FUN!!!