Friday, October 24, 2008


After reading lots of reviews on Eyeko products, I finally decided to take the plunge. Especially after getting their email:Can you really beat buy 2 get 1 free deal??? Plus free shipping!!!
So, if it doesn't work out, no biggie!
I got the Eyeko Cream, 3-in-1. I mainly want it to use as a highlighter. Hopefully it'll work good so I don't have to drop more dough for the Nars Multiples.
Also, got the Mascara and Magic Liquid Liner. *Crosses fingers* Hope I like everything!!! MUA has pretty good reviews.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

I don't know if everyone knows already, but at Nordy, the MAC brush sets are only $35. That's $15 off of the normal $50. Click here. They have all 3 in stock! I believe it's also instore??

I just placed my order =]
...bought some more falsies. From Red Cherry. First time. I wanted to try it even though I think the ones I'm selling are probably just the same. But some of these styles are pretty funky!
I'm thinking the glitter one for Halloween!!! =]

From the weekend...
...went to Elevate for my boytoy's friend's bday. It was okay. First time there. A mixed crowd. If I had to pay the usual $20 cover, I probably wouldn't go there. It's T-I-N-Y! But it's a good crowd mix. A little of everything =]
Took all bad pictures the entire night!!! BUT I love this top!! Super silky and SEQUINS! Gotta love the sequins! Excuse the bad angled face + slight bra flash =X
That's all folks...


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Went to catch some movies at the drive-in =]
Super cute movie! A lot of the funny parts were in the previews, so that sucked. But, I still like it because mainly I support Michael Cera. They make a cute couple in the movie too!!! If you don't see it, it's okay. Not my fav, but definitely cute!
Max was 'aiight'. I didn't love it at all!!!! But I guess you can't expect much when it's based on the game. Mark definitely fit the look of Max Payne, I thought. Anyhoo, maybe it's more of a 'guy' movie. I'd say...pass.

Went to Misuwa Market nearby to pick up the much loved Mandom Makeup Remover!!!! Many thanks to many bloggers (starting with xppinkx) for introducing such a wonderful item.
I got the blue one, since I've seen it being bought more. But, now it seems that that the pink/clear one is for normal I should have gotten that one. Has anyone used both and noticed a difference??? But so goood!!! Very excited! Pump is still a bitch to get a hang of though. Love the water feel. No oilness. Saves mee money since I was planning on getting some Bi-Facil during Sephora's FnF next month.
OH!!!!! And, if you have a Mitsuwa Market (locations) near you, check it out because they have it for just $9.99!! Other bloggers seem to spending a couple dollars more! But hey! You can put that dollar towards $1 boba milk teas!!!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Escada's New Incredible Me!

This stuff smells OH-SO yummy! Like I want to eat it!
Definitely VANILLA in it, plus some sort of oriental floral notes. Maybe, orchid?
[Yes, I know I can look up the ingredients, but I'd much rather call it by nose (=]
If you liked Escada Magnetism, definiately check this out! Also, if you are fans of Burberry Brit, Aqualina Pink Sugar, Hanae Mori, stuff like that...smell this stuff!
Plus, the bottle is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
FINALLLYYYY, Escada started designing other bottles. I was getting sick of their classic/seasonal 'heart' bottles.
I can't find it anywhere retail online BESIDES the Escada website. So, I guess the US retail sites didn't post it yet...but I HAVE IT!!



Friday - Bored at work.

I've never really taken pictures of this is my first attempt!!


F21 checkered scarf (YAY! it was chilly enough to wear finally)
F21 top with crocheted back
Black Hudsons (probably my favorite pair!)
Teal Urban Outfitters sandals

Saturday -
DAANNNGGG! That's horrible picturing taking, OH WELL!


Old Navy scarf (one of my favs!)
Nordstrom tan wrap cardigan (I can't believe I've had that for over...7 years! I love wraps!)
AE striped tank
Citizens straight jeans
Target gold goddess sandles (I love these so much, that I found a few of them on eBay so now I have about 5 backups =X)

Makeup Question:

Anyone out there allergic to Mica? I'm not sure if I am,but EDM seem to not be working with me, and their first ingredient is Mica. But, BE has been working or me for over 5 years, which contains Mica but isn't one of their first ingredients, therefore there probably isn't TOO much of it. *shrugs* If you are allergic, any mineral foundation out there that works for you??


Thursday, October 9, 2008

(Another) Light Blue Dupe

Moschino Funny! = Dolce Light Blue
This is much closer to Light Blue than I Love Love because it doesn't have the citrus in it. So def. check this out! This might be my next fragrance, since I totally dig the bottle!
Probably my favorite of the Burberry's, Brit Sheer. Super cute bottle, plus, not everyone knows about it, so not everyone and their mom's are wearing it =] It's considered 'new' right now on websites, but it's been out for over a year. AAANNNDDDD, it's NOT a Nordy Exclusive! It can be found at most discount perfume shops!I think it's just a nice soft fragrance. Totally different from ALL the other Burberrys. Most of them are STRONG, super floral or super sweet! Plus, how can you pass up a PINK PLAID bottle!! =D


Monday, October 6, 2008

Monistat Sample

If anyone out there that hasn't jumped on the bandwagon, here's your chance to try the infamous Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel Skin Protectant FOR FREE!
Click on the photo to sign up for a FREE sample packette.
Hopefully it'll come, plus you get a $1 off coupon if you decide to buy one...or ANOTHER one. I hope it's a small tube instead of those USE ONCE packets. But, it's all gravey, because it's F-R-E-E!

I've been using it for a couple months and it seems fine. I love the feel of it on my face, the powder smooth finish. It definitely helps any dry spots to disappear when putting on makeup, espcially when I use MMU. Also, no fragrance and SUPER cheap is awesome. I've been telling J to buy it, so here's her chance to get a FREE trial+coupon. I love coupons!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So, awhile ago, I went to visit my brother + cute nephews, I was taught how to knit this super cool scarf by his gf. I used the popcorn stitch. There's a lilo hole so that you could pull the other end of the scarf through. Pretty neat! This was my first time doing that stitch and that scarf, so it didn't come out perfect. But, I really want to make another one, but I am definitely going to edit the instructions.Anyhoo, I'm a total crafts whore! I love it all, and definitely going to do some more knitting soon (holiday gifts) and maybe some sewing.



2 new shows that I actually dig are:

I think this show is uber cute! It's unlike all the other drama-relationship-cheating sh*t on tv. Kinda corny at times, but nonetheless, super cute! I love all the characters, and I guess that's why I like the show. I'm not technically addicted yet, but I just think it's cute and something different to watch.


DUUUUDDDEEEEEE, I totally heart this show! I find it oh-so hilarious and smart. I can never guess what happens next (for the most part) and, again, I love all the characters. I am definitely addicted to this show. Everyone's gotta give this show a chance!!!!

There are so many new shows but I tend to stick to my originial favorites and watch alot of repeats. But, I think I can add these two shows onto my list =] Gosh, I'm such a tv-junkie/addict/buff/fanatic/etc.