Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nephews Visiting!

My nephews are visitng from Santa Cruz!
A lil no new makeup purchases =)

But everyone!!!
Check you emails because I just received a SEPHORA COUPON!!!
FREE $15 on MINIM $35 purchase!
Valid 11/28/08 - 12/14/08
It's a SINGLE USE only, so I can't post it up here since I am planning to use it...soon.
More crap here I come!

Anyhoo, back to me family...
I usually see them a couple times a year. So spending some quality auntie bonding =)


Everyone have a happy and fun Thanksgiving!!!


Saturday, November 22, 2008

HELP! I'm in MOORREEEE trouble.......

So Cali ladies...

I apologize for the late notice...but there's still ANOTHER day!!!

It was an OKAY sale, wasn't the greatest. Not too far for me, so it didn't take much effort. Lots of defects so better watch out! Barely anyone there on Friday, so that was good.
Jeans $60
($5 increase from previous sale)
Tees $10 (Men and Women)
Hat $5 (one style)
Hoodies & Sweats $? (Forgot, only People's Liberation)

I still ended up spending a little more than I anticipate..........OH WELLOS =X

My batch:

The boytoy's batch:
his christmas/birthday/valentines/anniv gift all rolled into ONE! HAHAh

A few of the tops are gifts though. For ten bucks, you can't go wrong!!!!

My latest SEPHORA package came, filled with their *SALE* goodies!!
But, I still ended up ordering over $50 worth.........TWICE (still got another order coming).
So far, I am ABSOLUTELYYYYYYY loving the Bourjois Liquid Liners. I'm a HUUUGGEE liquid liner fan. The FIRST eyeliner type I tried, and have been an addict since!
They were only $4 bucks! I got one in every color. My favorite is the Brown/Bronze color. It's really pigmented and deep enought for everyday wear but has a slight hint of metallic sparkle. I really can't wear those UD Pencils everyday. Too darn sparkly for my taste. Still trying to convince myself to LOVE them though.
Anyhoo, great liners! Some people may not like the brush because they are SUPER thin and kinda long, but I have no problem with them. It's pretty liquidy but on my lids, they dry pretty fast and STAY PUT THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE DAY!!!!


Since Philsophy's cleanser seems to be working for me so far, so I decided to buy their ENTIRE package =X My exfoliator that I've been using for the past...hHmmm...5 years now ALL OF A SUDDEN just started been too harsh for my skin and just leave me red RED and RED!!!
All the goodies inside! I don't know if I'll try everything, but I thought it was a pretty good deal.
But that's what gets my ass in trouble =P

Lastly, J is leaving me and going to Japan for 3 weeks.
I am pretty knew to the whole Asian Makeup/Skincare brands/items so I don't know what to pick up and WHERE?
She'll be in YOKOHAMA (I think), so anywhere around there.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Loads of Crap =]

It's been awhile.
Been doing WAY TOO much online shopping.

Even thought BE ain't the greatest, I always tend to go back to it. I would love to try other mineral brands out there, but choosing colors by looking at the screen ain't working for me. I can NEVER get the right shade. Even with all bad crap in BE, it works for my skin.
Anyhoo, I got this skin because I REALLY wanted the face brush that it comes with for mineral viel/loose powder/finishing powder. Kind of like a stippling brush but more dense (more of the white stuff).

I was looking for a cleanser that is SUPER gentle but gets the job done. My skin has been acting up lately. No drugstore stuff worked. And I usually can't go high end because they are usually too strong and filled with too much shit that turns my face RED. So, not good.

Finally, decided to try Philosophy and join the cult. Seriously, I LOVE THIS STUFF! It seriously fits well with my skin (so far) and leaves my skin super soft and supple. I love this stuff so much that I ordered the LARGE kit that comes with a bunch of other crap that's coming next week =]

Got a bunch of useless samples and traded in my 100 points and got this!
It reminds me of a wannabe MAC Paint Pot. Unfortunately, they gave me a pink/rosey color *Pre Nup*, so I don't know if I'll ever use it. The case is EXACTLY like HIP's liner. So, I hope Benefit doesn't dry out as fast as HIP's liner.
It's suppose to be we shall see if that's true. If anything, I can use it as a base or whatever...

Next up, Sephora's FF 20% shiet.

UD Pencil Set in Velvet Rope
Dior Pro-Styler Concealer Palette
BE Foundation - Med. Beige
theBalm Big Mama Palette

Dior Pro-Styler Concealer Palette was a must try for me. I have NO concealer. Yups, NONE! I've always used minearl (loose) concealer and that stuff ain't cutting it no more. So, I hope I will like this stuff. Now looking at the case in person, very much worth my money =]

I wanted to try everything in the theBalm Big Mama Palette. The blush is suppose to be a NARS Orgasmn dupe. Anyhoo, I am returning this palette. HAHA. Bronzer looks orangy on me. I wanted to get it to contour (since I'm not having any luck with finding Emote). I wanted a peachy blush, but this stuff is WAYYY too gold for my liking. The pressed powder is any ordinary powder. I don't believe it controls shine any better than any other powders. So, back to Sephora it goes. I may just exchange it for a NARS blush. I'm thinking Amour. I'm naturally pink ALL the anything PINK I don't really like. Looking for a peachy/pink (but more on the peachy side) blush to tone down my pink-ness.

BE Foundation. Staple for now. Can't find anything else that fits my skintone. Not the best, but it'll do for now.

Pencils are alright. Not so much a glitter gal, so I'm not in L-O-V-E. But, great pencils nevertheless. I ordered a bunch of Bourjois pencils, so I might like the shades of those better. But, gotta wait a week for those to come.

MANNNYYY more packages on their way. I figure, might as well get everything now =]....rriiiggghhhttt???
I also gotta post up Eyeco & Clinique crap too. Trying them out right now.

...At work...(in the Valley)
And it's SOOOOOOOO ashy outside right now. Went out to the post office...came back...and my entire face was covered with ASH. Bad time to have lipgloss on. It looked like I had pink and mini black poka dots =/

I hope the fires will be contained soon. Hope everyone is okay!

...Like lots of other people out there, I'm reading Twilight. Mainly because imma go watch the movie with J (who's a BIG fan) and she insist that I read the book before watching the movie. Got through a 150 pages and my verdict: it's aiight. HAHAH. I don't think I'm a romance book type of gal, but I'll finish it. Everyone is SOOOOOO in love with the series. I get it...EDWARD! =]


Thursday, November 6, 2008



Last year, most of the jeans were $65...and a few were $95.

But, you gotta inspect them! Watch out for weird fadings and odd holes. Always check the zipper and make sure it's not broken.

Great selection of jeans (at least from last year). This is an awesome denim sale because it's ONLY Citizens so they have lots of good styles, versus left-over shiet. Last year, I got current season stuff that were retail $200+! So, just be patient and look through everything.

Go early because expect long ass lines!!

Last year, they had a parking lot for that was convenient.

Most likely, it'll be outdoor again.
Go if you can and pick up some awesome jeans!

I would go again, but I got work plus spent WAYY more than I should with Sephora =X

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

At last.......

Halloweeennnn...the best time for our slutty sides to come out ROOAARRIINGG!!!
I chose NOT to =]Candy Stripper...oOps I mean STRIPER!!!
Homemade costume =] Super awesome.
It only cost $3 for the fabric which was 50% off!

I wasn't digging that hat very much...
but without it...I look like...a waitress or candy cane or some girl wearing red&white.
HAHAHAHHA Siamese Twins!!!!
They were together the entire night!
...I wonder what happens when one of them needs to take a piss???

the BEST part of the night...

my latest addition...

midnight cravings...

can't sleep without visiting...


Luckily, there were LOTS of other people in their costumes too!

I swooped up J for a quicky since she had to do a project due Monday so she didn't come out to play for Halloween.
(Tried to get the TACO TRUCK in the background)
We look like f-en dOrks! HAahha
OMG! My knees are still BLACK! I got sunburned JUST on my knees so it looks HORRIBLE hahahha...that's what I get for being pale!

Anyhoo...Tacos El Gallito on Fair Oaks & Bellevue, Pasadena!

Seriously...I've had tacos almost 5 times a week for the past month!
It's an addiction.

Imma pay for it when my metabolism comes to a hault =X

Honestly, they don't have the BEST meat, but their condiments & sauce makes up for it! They have huge buckets full of tomato, onion, cilantro, lime, beans, and 3 different sauces out for you to put on your taco! How great is that!

I love tomatos in my tacos =]
I wanted to take more photos, esp of the food, but...
(1) once I get them, they disappear within minutes =X
(2) camera ran out of batteries [=

Their green hot sauce is one of the best! It's a bit more watery than my usual liking, but it still hits the right spot!

Anyhoo, you will see me there most nights around 12am =]


My costume inspiration was from SATC:

I thought it came out pretty darn close! Just not as short =]

Sooooo tired by the end of the night...but Mandom made taking off my makeup SUPER FAST!
AND I had work the next day =/

My happy surprise! I got a HUGE box from Nordy with my MAC BRUSHES!!!

Sucks that mine was crushed =/ but the inside was fine!

The round bag was a lilo disappointing. That plastic bright red thing makes it look AWEFUL!

But I dig that extra baby pouch! Even though it's cheapy feeling.

The brushes are ALRIGHT. Nevertheless, imma keep them, esp for $35.

To my surprise, my Mineral Sheer Tint that I bought finally came! I ordered Light and Natural Glow. Light seems to fit me better, but since it's OH-SO sheer, Natural Glow will probably fit me as well.

I've wanted to try it ever since I saw it on Urban Apothecary site and Whitney's rave about them.

I don't know if I like it yet. It's pretty darn sheer, and I knew it would be, but it's practically nonexistent on me =X
But, I guess I gota play with it. Today was the first day using it, and I think I need a bit more coverage. Or a better concealer...since all I actually use are minearl concealers. MAC Studio Finish is a bit TOOO heavy for my liking, but I still want to try the Select CoverUp and/or Moisturecover.

This all adds up and translate to........
I'm trying to narrow it down, but gosh-darnit, it's HARD!
I brought my rainboots to work, but it's NOT rainning =(