Thursday, October 9, 2008

(Another) Light Blue Dupe

Moschino Funny! = Dolce Light Blue
This is much closer to Light Blue than I Love Love because it doesn't have the citrus in it. So def. check this out! This might be my next fragrance, since I totally dig the bottle!
Probably my favorite of the Burberry's, Brit Sheer. Super cute bottle, plus, not everyone knows about it, so not everyone and their mom's are wearing it =] It's considered 'new' right now on websites, but it's been out for over a year. AAANNNDDDD, it's NOT a Nordy Exclusive! It can be found at most discount perfume shops!I think it's just a nice soft fragrance. Totally different from ALL the other Burberrys. Most of them are STRONG, super floral or super sweet! Plus, how can you pass up a PINK PLAID bottle!! =D


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angie519 said...

OMG thanks for posting the Burberry perfume! I'm going to test it out the next time I'm at Nordys! I really like Burberry The Beat, and Brit is okay. But this one looks promising, and I LOVE the pink burberry print! I agree that most Burberry perfumes are too strong.