Friday, December 19, 2008

OooooOoo the holidays =D

Their first had jeans for $55. Their most recent was $60-65? I think. I forgot. So I assume that is the price range you should be anticipating.
Been SUPER busy these past couple of days.

Because of limited budget, decided to do some baking to create some holiday gifts! It took me a total of 2-3 days to finish *whew* It was my first time 'decorating' cupcakes, therefore I had no idea what to expect. NOOWWW I know. Next time I will do everything in the correct order.

These white chocolate mint leaves TOOK FOREVER!!!!!!! That was the longest and hardest part. Not necessarially hard, but just tedious.
Had HUNDREDS of mint leaves!!! And they aren't reusable! =/
Melted chocolate dries up sooooooooooooo fast, so hadda work QUICK!!!! See how it's a bit lumpy =X it dried INSTANTLY! Once it touches a cold surface! Luckily, you can't really tell at the end, because the other side is imprinted with the surface which faces up [you'll see] =)
Pretty much had more than this container filled with white chocolate leaves! GOODNESS!! It was crazy. And, at the end of the night, it wasn't enough. So the next night, I had to make more!
Made 72 cupcakes!!!!
Now...time for decorating!!!! =D
Almost done.............................
The first two Christmas wreaths =)
The bows are edible too! Made out of those fruit roll up things!
Looked all over for those darn balls! They are just simple chocolate balls. Some off brand. But it was PERFECT for the look!
*Whew* at the end...overall...pretty happy with the look. The leaves looked super cool! And super yummy! Gotta love white chocolate! I plan on doing something like this soon. It's just super fun! Maybe some holiday cookies =)

Past couples days have been shopping! I'm getting ready for my trip up north. Getting some winter gear!

Dropped by Mervyns. They are going out of business. Had a sign that said '70-80% entire stock' so I just had to stop by. It was a MEESSSSS!!! Everything was everywhere. Everything misplaced. Very hectic, yet somehow, I ended up spending a WHOLE lotta money, but saving a WHOLE lotta too!

Picked these loafers up! Aren't they kute? Like wannabe Uggs. Super comfy and UBER UBER cheap!
They retail for $30. 70%, so they were $9. PLUS, I got an additional 30% so it actually came out to $6.29!!!!!!!!!! I got one in tan and one in dark brown. One to wear at home and one to wear out. Then...................I ended up going home with about 8 of them =X They make perfect gifts for someone on a (slight) budget =)

Also ended up buying a bunch of crap for my nephews! Everything was like <$5! So cheap!
Dropped by Borders and got them a bunch of books too! 11 in total. That was so much fun!
Do you guys remember this book??? When I saw it, I knew I had to buy it for them!

Even without mulla, I ended up ordering Sephora the other day because of that $15 coupon PLUS 15% off. My box came today. *Surprised* and pleased with the FAST shipping!
I think I'm addicted to the Philosophy line. I wanna try EVERYTHING they have! It has been working for me so far. No irritation. Still have breakouts/blackheads/etc, but I'm hoping over time, it'll help with everything! *Sigh* We shall see.
Trying the eyeshadow primer. I don't have SUPER oily lids or anything, but creases never look good. So, just got it in case I need it one day!
Nars blush in Amour. I wanted a matte blush.
MUFE cream liner. I just caved and bought it. Hopefully I'll love it because I am in dire need of a good liner! I can't use LIQUID everyday =X Liquid is still my best friend. I never EVER have problems with them and they always stay put ALL DAY LONG.
Gots loads of wrapping to do this weekend! I hope I get to go to the Paige sale. Would be great to get my brother+his gf some paige jeans.


Iyah said...

Wow girl! You can def bake!!! :) Those mint chocolates look yummy! :D

Anywho, the Amore store has only one kind of BB cream. Hanskin that is. I think you're better off ordering online. They have more selections there.

The eyelashes are darn cheap! $3/pair or 2 for $5! I'm going back there again maybe monday to get more eyelashes! hahah! :)

angie519 said...

OOh I see where the mint leaves went! What a creative idea! I love it! And the bow is genius!!

Damn, I wish we had a Paige sample sale here. The only brand of jeans I still need to get.