Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Gosh, it's been such a long time!

I've gotten all of my purchases (sephora mainly).
Added a few more purchases (cs n others).
Finally finished 'Twilight', watched the movie, then ZOOMED through the next 3 books within 3 days =X

My ABSOLUTE favorite was the 4th one...'Breaking Dawn'. I just couldn't put it down...all 700 pages of it! But yeah...zooomed through it. 'Twilight' took me a while to get through because I wasn't THAT into it. But with low expectations, I picked up 'New Moon' and it definitely beat my LOW expectations so much that I couldn't put it down! Once I finished it, I automatically picked up 3rd then 4th. I didn't love Edward like everyone else in the beginning...but he grew on me. Anyways, overall...great series! I'm glad there was an ending because that is what kept me reading...I just WANTED to know what the ending was =)

Watched the movie with J. Expectations wasn't met =
Because of all the dough they made, I hope they make the rest of the book movies GREAT!
I'm very anxious to see the rest of the movies! I really CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

AND....weeks ago was...THANKSGIVING.
Was busy with my family visiting!
It was great overall! Had a great time!
This year, I made pumpkin pie for the first time instead of just picking it up at Marie.
While mixing the ingredients and such...it occured to me know disturbing it all looked.
Had to snap a few photos =X
Made two different receipes...
While mixing =X....
Once done mixing...=S

Aren't those mini ones adorable??? They were for my newphews! =)

That's all the photos I had uploaded...
Lots of stuff to review or at least post about!!!!
J left to Japan on Monday! Gotta send her my list...but I don't know what to expect to find over there...(besides false lashes). Hope she has FUN!!!


EbeautyBlog.com said...

Welcome back :)

I went to the WR sales!!! I didn't get much though...between the man and I, we only got several tees. It wasn't crowded at all which was kindna nice. Thanks for the heads up anyway!!!

About Twilight...I put the book down after reading the first half...I will pick it up again since some of you said that the good part comes toward the end. So they're coming out with more movies???

angie519 said...

Yuum! Next year I want to make my own pumpkin pies with real pumpkin filling! Oh we've bought our pumpkin pies from Marie Callendar's for many many years. This thanksgiving I found that Costco makes a better pumpkin pie! It's huge and super duper fresh!

Breaking Dawn was my favorite book too! I found the dialogues to be hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing. "You named her after the Loch Ness Monster?! And then I lunged at his throat" Hahahha =)