Thursday, December 11, 2008


So, after finishing the 'Twilight' Saga...I realized now that I am addicted to the passion of the characters. I want MORREEEE!!!! Since there isn't really any more...I sought out the unfinished 'Midnight Sun'. Read all 12 chapters in one sitting...and I REALLY hope Meyer decides to finish it...because I thought it was good. It's very different looking at all the scenes through Edward's eyes. Kinda funny. With all the obsessiveness he has with her without knowing why. I found it WAYYYYY more interesting than Bella.
Anyhoo...MIDNIGHT SUN!!! Gotta finish it Meyer!!!!

(I'm not even sure if that's the correct unfinished cover or not)

I actually found an online petition. Welps, actually...there are MANY petitions online. So, hopefully she'll hear the fans and get up off her ass and finish it =)

I just finished rewatching 'P.S. I Love You'. LOVE that movie. My eyes couldn't stop ballin' the first time I saw that movie. And GERALD BUTLER!! *drools*

FIRST day of trying out the Coastal Scents Gel Liners...
HATED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
First wouldn't go on smoothly kept FLAKING!!!
I don't know.
Imma try it out tmr (i think) and update.
But I had higher expectations because of the good reviews and all...but truly disappointment right now.
Maybe it was just a bad day.
So we shall see.
It is a beautiful color though!!! I got Indigo Blue. Very deep blue. Almost black but you can tell it's blue in the light. I dig it!

Gosh, I'm in a movie mooood...sooo...back to rewatching movies!!! =)

OH!!! And I decided on going to the Hudson Sale tmr =D Not expecting anything...but just going to check it out! I'll update with my purchases =X


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angie519 said...

Oh wow, I didn't know there were 12 chapters out there. I thought there was only one. Yeah, I kind of enjoy reading Edward's point of view. I feel like it completes the story =)

Hahahha I did too! It feels so good to laugh out loud reading that book!

I hope you have a great weekend too!