Friday, December 12, 2008


All Men's and Women's Jeans are $60.
Women: they also have shorts and skirts too!
They also have kids jeans.
There are some 'somewhat' dressing rooms. Not really private so everyone can see you changing.

It's a HUGE warehouse, but there wasn't that much selection.
I didn't end up leaving with anything =(
Kinda alot of jeans...but it was mainly the same style over and over again. Lots of bootcut! I prefer straight/skinny. A few skinny but NO straight.

What I didn't like?
A bunch of freakin workers! A few security guards too! Like...there probably was more workers than shoppers when I went this morning. Weirddd....
There was a MALE security guard at the freakin DRESSING ROOMS!!!
Staring and all. He said he was liking his view and his job. WTF????

not so good sale. But, if you are a Hudson fan, def check it out because $60 is pretty darn good. Just either DON'T try on jeans or wear a skirt/dress =|

I was in and out of there in <30 min. But it was only like a <15 min drive for me. So, it's all good.

Everyone had a great weekend!!!


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