Saturday, June 6, 2009

Review - Skin79 Diamond BB Cream

What a week! Had a big assignment due, had to finish half of my final project, PLUS take my final ALL ON FRIDAY! I'm glad that's over with!!

Rocky doesn't want me to study =/ All he wants to do is PLAY!!!

Got to Ulta to buy some stuff...and this was one item that I thought was cool! I don't have any eye cream with SPF...and I don't know why! I use my Shiseido which I love, so I guess I just keep using it. Anyhoo....I picked up this Sunblock stick because it has a Spf 60+! I believe it is great to use for the eyes because...if it's gentle enough for a BABY, it should work great for our eye area =) Gotta avoid those wrinkles!

I also purchased the Dimond Collection's Perfect Cover, which is like a concealer.

First, the Diamond BB Cream...
Not my favorite. It has a slightly gray-ish color...but luckily it is quite sheer/light so it doesn't have a strong gray color when I use it, but out of the tube it doesn't look very appealing. Again...very sheer, so not something I would use often. Only when my skin is quite clear.

Second, the Diamond Perfect Cover. It has a SUPER STRONG orange/yellow coloring. Luckily, it blends right into my skin. VERY SHOCKING at first. It covers OKAY. It tends to crease during mid-day, which I really hate.
All in all, I'm glad I didn't purchase LARGE sizes of these Skin79 BB Creams, and I got the mini set instead. Although I only got about 5ish aplications from the small tube, it is WAYY better than spending $15-20ish on a bottle that I don't like =/ Dr. Jart Black Label is still my HG!

Today's experiment:
1/2 face Dimond
1/2 face Dr. Jart

No sun out today...soooooo, my face has been holding up well on both sides. Coverage wise, Dr. Jart stays PUT! Dimond just slowing starts fading or something. Doesn't stay on as well.

Lastly, Dimond has ZERO SPF =( Bummer!! That's the final deal breaker = no future purchase.


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