Sunday, June 14, 2009

On the search for a PEACH blush....

On my attempts to find a nice PEACH blush, I decided to try Benefit's Georgia.

It comes in the super cute boxed packaging. Obviously not as sturdy as compacts. And I'm always afraid it'll get wet and start falling apart =X
Has a very cute matching brush that is utterly USELESS =|And...the color is OOOHHH-SOOO light that it doesn't even show up on me. That swatch was taken with many many MANY strokes!Overall...I love the smell. OH it's such a nice fragrance!! But, it is USELESS for me. I don't see it giving me a 'warm, happy glow' as it claims. BOO!

I also recently purchased MAC's Peaches blush...which is VERY bright and almost more orange/coral than it is peach. So, still on the search. Any reccs???

Went to my favorite 'hole-in-a-wall, ghetto-fab and cheap' sushi place =)
Gin Sushi in Pasadena

LOVE...THIS...PLACE =) They have lots of cooked dishes.

Lobster Special - Octobus Roll - Dragon Roll (Salmon w/Spicy Tuna)**DROOLS**

Got some tempura as well. Broccoli????For dessert...
Went down Colorado to 21 Choices. Fav place for yogurt. Better than those self-serve crap that's been popping up at EVERY block!!!!

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