Saturday, May 30, 2009


So, I've never really been a 'MAC' girl. Meaning, I've never bought MAC items on a regular basis. Just some items, here and there.
SOOooOOOooO, this is my first official MAC purchase =)

I loved the packaging of Style Warrior, so I thought I would place a purchase online, and just ended up buying EVERYTHING else I've always wanted to try =)

My Style Warrior items. I feel like I should have gotten a few more items =X
Hopefully I'll be back to posting soon =)
This week was Rocky's trip under the knife. So I've been watching him like a HAWK, making sure he's not jumping and running like a crazy dog everywhere, which has been DIFFICULT!!!

He seems fine, and still laying FLAT ON THE FLOOR =D Super cute!!!

Have a fab weekend everyone!!!!


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