Saturday, June 27, 2009


Amore, Amore, Amore!
I went in for ONE item, and left with a new skincare line =/ I wanted to the try Laneige Whitening Spot Treatment, but is sadly discontinued =(
Items are from the new IOPE Trouble Clinic line. They promised it would help old and new blemishes =) Especially since I break out during the special times of the month, they suggested me to only use the items during that time ONLY. I really hope it works!!

I got the Cleansing Foam which has some antibacterial? crap in it...and the Essence, which can be used as a spot treatment in those certain prone areas ONLY.

Amore Pacific IOPE Trouble Clinic Cleansing Foam 5.1fl.oz/150ml. Mild cleansing foam soothes and relaxes to improve the skin. Invisible micro-beads gently and completely remove waste matters that cause trouble. Natural eucalyptus oil and riclosan ingredients relax skin and help freshen and cleanse the skin.

Amore Pacific IOPE Trouble Clinic Treatment Essence 1.4fl.oz/40ml. Professional and intensive care for trouble skin areas. IOPE's own panduratin ingredients and the ingredients for diminishing the traces of any trouble and prevent deep, red trouble spots. Highly-enriched brown rice extracts and natural eucalyptus oil work fast on trouble areas to help stop trouble from further damaging skin.

They tossed in a tote bag (super cute), some face towels, and the Laneige SPF 40 day lotion.

I just started some new organic stuff to control my blemishes, so if that doesn't work...i surely hope this stuff will =| Will update =D

Right now, I have class every night until 10 pm =( It sucks because I hit mad ass traffic going to class, which starts around 530. I hate LA traffic!!!!


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naturalnchicmakeup said...

I like Laneige's packaging but unfortunately their line broke me out. Great haul!