Sunday, February 15, 2009


ONE WORD..............
My new baby.
My first official dog!
He is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi.
Currently 8 weeks =)
Cutie pie!
Loves people and EVERYONE!
Loves to bite bite BITEEEEE!
He has taken over my world. HAHA. I feel like a single mom =P

OMG I have not been thinking about it at all!
I have found my new love!
NYX Falsies!
Don't get me wrong. I love them Darkness/Jap/Korean Brand lashes. I mainly love the Criss Cross styles. But most of the ones I have, the band is a bit stiff. It's good because it really maintains their shape after frequent usages. But I don't like the fact I can kinda feel it when I wear it. Anyhoo, I also like the half-lashes too! Ardell (I believe) were the only ones I was able to find but I didn't want to shove out the 5 bucks or whatever for them. Finally, I found NYX!!!
PLUS you actually get 2 pairs because you just cut ONE in half to make 2 half-lashes =D

And they look quite similar to MAC's HELLO KITTY lashes!!!!

So, yeah...they have been my GO-TO lashes right now. VERY easy to put on because they are just half. But def not as dramatic or full...but very natural =)


If anyone wants any, I just added them to my store =) Sharing the love!

Hope everyone had a fab v-day!
I spent mine with Rocky =D hehehehehehhe



angie519 said...

ROCKY IS SO CUTE!!!! Aww congrats on the new pup!! You are a mother! =)

Get the paw cream! It works quite well and smells awesome!

Julienne said...

Aww rocky looks so adorable!! I love puppies, hehe. & those lashes are hot! Nice find on the dupe. :]