Saturday, February 21, 2009

Did some damage =D

So, I finally made a trip out to Amore to get some goods! That was the easiest $100 spent in <2 minutes =X I got the Star White Line: Skin Refiner, Emulsion, and Cream. I passed on a few of the other items but if these 3 works with my skin, I may cave and get the rest!

I also got the Makeup Remover with that cool pump =) I figured, if anything, I can reuse the bottle. Put some Lancome Makeup Remover in there or something. So far, so good. Not IN LOVE with it, but it does it's job without the oily that's a definite PLUS!

Got the free rose box thingy. Some awesome samples that I'm excited to try! I've been on the search for an eye cream with higher than SPF 10 or whatever that doesn't leave that sunscreen residue, so hopefully Laneige will answer my calling!

I wanted more lashes but they didn't hav the style I was looking for. Bummer!!! But...I probably didn't really neeeeeeed any more lashes 0=)

Went down the street to Guppy's to have a quick bite. But of course knowing me and J, we ended up ordering WWAAAAYYYYYYY more than we kud handle =X It was delicious either way!!
Strawberry + Mango SMMAAALLLLLL I guess we should have gotten the Cup size instead. But the condensed milk was Oh-SO good! I'm def making this at home all summer long this year =)

Spent the whole afternoon out and had to leave lilo ole Rocky at home by himself for the first time =(


Poor baby was crying so much =**************(

Then when I got home, played with him...
and he knocked the f*ck out!!!

HAHAHAHH too kute!
Dontcha just love his sleeping position????



Iyah said...

Hahah! We need to meet one of these days you know! :)

I loveee your haul girl!! *envy* I'm loving laneige eye cream samples :)

Ohh i love guppys! :D

Your pup is too cute :)

Iyah said...

Hahah! We need to meet one of these days you know! :)

I loveee your haul girl!! *envy* I'm loving laneige eye cream samples :)

Ohh i love guppys! :D

Your pup is too cute :)

angie519 said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW He is so cute! I love those eyes and his puppy face! haha.

Guppy's looks yummy! I'll have to make a trip sometime. It's around LA right?!

Let us know how the whitening line works! =)

Anonymous said...

Hey hun have emailed you a couple of times r.e your shop but not heard anything :-( didnt know if I had gone into spam LOL Bex x

angie519 said...

I still can't get over how cute Rocky is!!! I just wanna kiss his snout!

Aww thanks dear! Hahah. I'm having a rough day thanks to my fall =P

Awww hrm you should try it on one paw and see what it does! It absorbs in nicely.

Do you like reds or whites better? Being a newbie, I'm assuming you like whites better. For whites I loves one that are a tad sweet. You should try Rieslings and Pinot Grigios. Muscato wines are fun (some find them too sweet). I LOVE Columbia Crest Pinot Grigio. Covey Run's Muscat wine is yummy. Costco sells this delicious bubbling muscat wine (black bottle with cursive blue writing).

For reds, I suggest starting with Pinot Sauvignon. Merlots can be a bit dry. My favorite Pinot Sauvignon at the moment is one by Barefoot. Barefoot is really quite cheap but so good! They've won a ton of awards. You can find it at Trader Joe's.

I'm just starting out w/wines myself. So I've started w/moderately priced wines between $5-$11 a bottle to figure out which types of blends I like most. Once I determine my favorites, I'll probably branch out to nicer wines.

Oh be sure to try red blends too! I think I liked Merlot and Pinot blends.

Pinot Noirs are light red wines w/fruity tastes to them. I don't seem to like them very much.

What I did was go to Safeway (I know it's Vons or something in LA), if you buy 6 bottles, they give you 10% off your total. It's a good way to experiment w/wines.

angie519 said...

Haha no problem.

Hahha well try muscato wines, especially the sparkling ones. They are sweet and don't have much alcohol content.

HAHAHA.. awww he's a puppy! It's what they do best =)

My doggies don't eat the balm. It absorbs in quickly and I don't ever catch them licking their paws. But since Rocky's a puppy, be more careful with him. Try putting on a little bit and see what he does! He'll probably nip at you while you're doing it though haha. Oh I miss playing with puppies!