Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nutella + Hauls

Homemade bread with a little honey...stuffed with Nutella...baked to perfection!
First attempt:
Tasted a little off, but still yummy!
Second attempt:

Excuse the missing portion =X
It smelled like heaven when I took it out of the oven and I couldn't resist, so I ate a portion and went to grab my camera!
Yes, definitely gotta make more! It was DEVOURED by my fambam!

I've accumulated a crap load of crap during the past month =X
I am no longer an AMORE STORE virgin...My FIRST trip to Amore (Artesia):
I've been getting flaky skin so of course I had to try the Strawberry Peel!
Absolutely love it! I honestly don't have dry skin, so it doesn't really 'work' but it still leaves my skin silky smooth afterwards. And as everyone mentions, it smells OH-SO yummy!
Does anyone use it more than twice a week??
Got a couple lashes. I am also a virgin to criss cross lashes, so I had to pick some up!
Definitely loving them right now! The band is a bit stiffer than I am used to, but the benefits of that is I can see myself reusing it many, MANY times. My usual ones have a very soft band. It sits more comfortable on my eye but I usually can only get a couple good uses out of them before they get all wonky.
And, a BUNCH of lovely samples! LOVE IT!!
Quick trip to OHAYO & Walgreens:
Picked up the Egg Peel.
I'm indifferent about this product. I'm not sure I like it. Before I make any statements, I gotta use it a bit more. It def wasn't love-at-first-sight.
Also got a few eye shadows from Revlon's new Matte Collection.
They are actually really good! Very pigmented and just glides on smoothly! A bit powdery but I don't mind it. Even though it is their "Matte" collection, they are not entirely matte. It seems like there's a bit of some shimmer(?) maybe. But it is not at all noticeable. It also may be just me =X
Random goods bought online:

MAC Holidazzle Pink Eyes Palette (October 2003)
Smashbox Smashing Loose Eyeshadow
Philosophy The Little Black Book Palete

I'm not much of a PINK person, but it was a good deal!
I love the packaging!(Yogurt, Pink Freeze, Melton Mauve, Winter Twig, Trax, Sketch, Beauty Marked)
Gift from J:
Criss Cross lashes from Japan
MAC Mineralized Powder - Light Medium
(I think it's too light, gotta go exchange it)
MAC Charming Garnet Glamour Basics Holiday Set

YAY! I wanted this set but was hesistant to purchase it. I really just wanted the 181 and Slimshine. But at the price of JUST the 181, you get all these other goodies! Great deal =)
I def want more Slimshines now! But Bare ain't cutting it for me. Looks too orange(?) on me...
Belightful - not sure if I would use this, but it's super pretty in the pan!

Ulta FF20% & L'oreal BOGO:

EVERYTHING L'oreal was BOGO plus Ulta was having a FF20% coupon.
Picked up some HIP Jelly balms. Been meaning to try them since they first came out but never got around to purchasing them. So far, they are ALRIGHT. Def not pigmented enough but I was warned about that among other reviewers.
I'm trying to get into MASCARA because I def am NOT one. I have typical non-existent Asian lashes so false lashes are my go-to thing. Watched a youTube video about combining both of Clean Definition & Voluminous and getting fab results. So, I may give it a try and see. But, I may just stick to falsies. (I can't stand taking off mascara!!!)
First haul from Silk Naturals:

I've been meaning to purchase their Fibre Optic brush for quite some time now. Just never got around ordering it. Picked up a couple mineral blushes, shadows, perfecting powders, and a cream liner.


Lipglosses & Lip Stains
I really wanted to try Giza! So, I got that and a few others =X

First photo was in whatever lighting. Second is with sunlight.
I also got Dr. Jart's BB Cream.
But, I gotta reorder and get the Silver because the Black is for dry skin and since winter is over, it is def making me oily very fast. I hope the Silver is just the same =X
Anyone tried both???
Went to Macy's the other day for the Cosmetics settlement.
Yes, HORRIBLE photo (I know), but I couldn't adjust my camera right =/
I woke up that morning. Me and J decided that it would either be LONG ASS lines or everything would be gone (this was at 12pm).
At 4pm, bro calls and says his gf just got some goods! =O So, called J, and off we went!
This was in Pasadena on Lake. Even though the line was fairly long, it took <15>
Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief 1 oz.
What I like about it:
Oil Free.
Super light.
Very cooling gel.
Really moisturizing.
Need only a tiny pea size amount for the whole face.

I can't really say that I would purchase this again (if I ever run out) because I don't think it does anything special. Only moisturizes, but a lot of other things just moisturizes, too. But I do like that it is oil-free! So that is def a plus.

I'm planning on trying out Laneige's skincare lines but I'll probably use this as an EXTRA moisturizer, if needed.

I still needa do a post about my trip up north! Everyone have a fab weekend!



angie519 said...

Wow.. what a long line! I skipped the cosmetic settlement thingy =P. Yeah, Clinique tends to disappoint me in general.

Giza is such a pretty color! I have Giza and Chihuahua in the duo ended holiday set. hahah you went to get Giza and ended up getting 4 more =P. hahah

I love slimshines! Try some with more color! I have funshine, long stem rose, and gentle simmer. Gentle Simmer is such a pretty color!

Wow! Look at all your falsies! =)

Mmmmmhm yummy! Good job baking! Nutella is AWESOME! =)

Ahleessa said...

The bread looks so yummy to my tummy! Now I'm hungry... lol~ :P

I'm really digging the falsies you have... woo hoo~

angie519 said...

Oooh haha. Slimshines aren't frosty or glittery! At least I don't think they are. They are the only MAC lippies that I like! Cremesheen glasses ey? I'll have to check on that! =)

Hrrrm well I saw the slimshines Gentle Simmer and Funshine lean more towards apricot and orange than they do pink. Check those out! And Dior High Shine lipstick in Sensation Coral is slightly apricot-y. I don't have any apricot glosses besides Giza *gasp*! Means I'll have to get more =)

Hahah IF your skin is craving moisture, I don't see any harm in layering on moisture surge on top of your night moisturizer just to use it up =). Aw I hope Laneige works too! I just switched to P&J essential moisturizing cream and Nars Lightening cream. Both are Japanese. Nars skincare is formulated by Shiseido. So I guess I'm inching in that direction too haha. GL!

Iyah said...

Girl, you hauled a lot! I so envy you! :D

Anywho, I'm glad you liked the Amore store. its heaven in there especially they have the darkness lashes that I love so much :D

Did you try the Laneige sample (emulsion and refiner)? That's my skincare products as of now :)

Ohh I need to visit Ulta and use my 20% off so I can buy some stuff that I'll be sending to the Philippines :)

I love NARS Lipgloss! Girl, I so envy you for buying 5 lipgloss! WOW! I have the Chihuahua and I loveee it :D

xppinkx said...

hey doll

yeah right now im loving my Laneige white line...when i went to cali i went to the ktown store and artesia store...i dont even remember what i bought to tell you the truth...i had a basket and i was just knocking stuff i just might have forgot the white liking the essence i have now because its geared towards brightening and wrinkle repair...

just make sure you dont get the lines that contain a vast amount of alcohol...i love laniege whitening line becasue its for all skin types and does not contain alcohol...

Bombchell said...

wow @ baking!! it looks petty.

lol is it sad, everytime i see fake lashes my heart smiles lol

FuN and MakeUp said...

wow how much did this all cost u.. and look at all those nars lippies.. must of cost u a leg n arm! lol that gurl lydia is stalkin my page! she commented n said "why its interesting" looks like she made a blog wen she found mines.... n then she put her MAIN BLOG ON IT as a post... shes weird........
i love the falsies! where do u get htem at?