Saturday, November 22, 2008

HELP! I'm in MOORREEEE trouble.......

So Cali ladies...

I apologize for the late notice...but there's still ANOTHER day!!!

It was an OKAY sale, wasn't the greatest. Not too far for me, so it didn't take much effort. Lots of defects so better watch out! Barely anyone there on Friday, so that was good.
Jeans $60
($5 increase from previous sale)
Tees $10 (Men and Women)
Hat $5 (one style)
Hoodies & Sweats $? (Forgot, only People's Liberation)

I still ended up spending a little more than I anticipate..........OH WELLOS =X

My batch:

The boytoy's batch:
his christmas/birthday/valentines/anniv gift all rolled into ONE! HAHAh

A few of the tops are gifts though. For ten bucks, you can't go wrong!!!!

My latest SEPHORA package came, filled with their *SALE* goodies!!
But, I still ended up ordering over $50 worth.........TWICE (still got another order coming).
So far, I am ABSOLUTELYYYYYYY loving the Bourjois Liquid Liners. I'm a HUUUGGEE liquid liner fan. The FIRST eyeliner type I tried, and have been an addict since!
They were only $4 bucks! I got one in every color. My favorite is the Brown/Bronze color. It's really pigmented and deep enought for everyday wear but has a slight hint of metallic sparkle. I really can't wear those UD Pencils everyday. Too darn sparkly for my taste. Still trying to convince myself to LOVE them though.
Anyhoo, great liners! Some people may not like the brush because they are SUPER thin and kinda long, but I have no problem with them. It's pretty liquidy but on my lids, they dry pretty fast and STAY PUT THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE DAY!!!!


Since Philsophy's cleanser seems to be working for me so far, so I decided to buy their ENTIRE package =X My exfoliator that I've been using for the past...hHmmm...5 years now ALL OF A SUDDEN just started been too harsh for my skin and just leave me red RED and RED!!!
All the goodies inside! I don't know if I'll try everything, but I thought it was a pretty good deal.
But that's what gets my ass in trouble =P

Lastly, J is leaving me and going to Japan for 3 weeks.
I am pretty knew to the whole Asian Makeup/Skincare brands/items so I don't know what to pick up and WHERE?
She'll be in YOKOHAMA (I think), so anywhere around there.



Kimberly Tia said...

ohhhhhh just give in -- and get the book ^_^ said...

Whoaaaa....thanks for the LATEEE heads up!!! LOL. Those tees are great for gifts!!!

Should I go...should I gooooo....hmm...I should go!!!!...they're only $10 bux right? hmrrrmmm....

Do they have a large selection left? please say NO!

angie519 said...

6 pairs of jeans for you and the boy at $60 each?! That's totally worth it! Esp when some go for around $200!! I have #2 from the left and I got the ex #5 from the left! William Rasts are one of my fav brand of jeans!

Boujois liners? Are they long lasting?! I think I'm going to get some! said...

Hey girlie, do you have to pay a fee for the sale? The sales that I went to usually charge an entrance fee. Please let me know. I'm planning on going tomorrow. said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

p.s. do you have to print out the email and bring it with you? if so, can you forward it to me at: ebeautyblog dot com.

Thank you :)

angie519 said...

Hahha I can tell! Awwwww. You do have a lot of liners though =P.

Thanks dear! I'm not sure whether I like thin or thick bristles haha.

jeSmakeup said...

u r such a shopaholic!! haha i wish i can do that.. luckyyyyy anyways so u remember some gurl name lydia? she like found my blog i guess n commented one of the posts "hmm interesting" i had a bad history with her.. n i dont care if shes readin this.... well yeah LOL just felt like sh arin =P