Tuesday, November 4, 2008

At last.......

Halloweeennnn...the best time for our slutty sides to come out ROOAARRIINGG!!!
I chose NOT to =]Candy Stripper...oOps I mean STRIPER!!!
Homemade costume =] Super awesome.
It only cost $3 for the fabric which was 50% off!

I wasn't digging that hat very much...
but without it...I look like...a waitress or candy cane or some girl wearing red&white.
HAHAHAHHA Siamese Twins!!!!
They were together the entire night!
...I wonder what happens when one of them needs to take a piss???

the BEST part of the night...

my latest addition...

midnight cravings...

can't sleep without visiting...


Luckily, there were LOTS of other people in their costumes too!

I swooped up J for a quicky since she had to do a project due Monday so she didn't come out to play for Halloween.
(Tried to get the TACO TRUCK in the background)
We look like f-en dOrks! HAahha
OMG! My knees are still BLACK! I got sunburned JUST on my knees so it looks HORRIBLE hahahha...that's what I get for being pale!

Anyhoo...Tacos El Gallito on Fair Oaks & Bellevue, Pasadena!

Seriously...I've had tacos almost 5 times a week for the past month!
It's an addiction.

Imma pay for it when my metabolism comes to a hault =X

Honestly, they don't have the BEST meat, but their condiments & sauce makes up for it! They have huge buckets full of tomato, onion, cilantro, lime, beans, and 3 different sauces out for you to put on your taco! How great is that!

I love tomatos in my tacos =]
I wanted to take more photos, esp of the food, but...
(1) once I get them, they disappear within minutes =X
(2) camera ran out of batteries [=

Their green hot sauce is one of the best! It's a bit more watery than my usual liking, but it still hits the right spot!

Anyhoo, you will see me there most nights around 12am =]


My costume inspiration was from SATC:

I thought it came out pretty darn close! Just not as short =]

Sooooo tired by the end of the night...but Mandom made taking off my makeup SUPER FAST!
AND I had work the next day =/

My happy surprise! I got a HUGE box from Nordy with my MAC BRUSHES!!!

Sucks that mine was crushed =/ but the inside was fine!

The round bag was a lilo disappointing. That plastic bright red thing makes it look AWEFUL!

But I dig that extra baby pouch! Even though it's cheapy feeling.

The brushes are ALRIGHT. Nevertheless, imma keep them, esp for $35.

To my surprise, my Mineral Sheer Tint that I bought finally came! I ordered Light and Natural Glow. Light seems to fit me better, but since it's OH-SO sheer, Natural Glow will probably fit me as well.

I've wanted to try it ever since I saw it on Urban Apothecary site and Whitney's rave about them.

I don't know if I like it yet. It's pretty darn sheer, and I knew it would be, but it's practically nonexistent on me =X
But, I guess I gota play with it. Today was the first day using it, and I think I need a bit more coverage. Or a better concealer...since all I actually use are minearl concealers. MAC Studio Finish is a bit TOOO heavy for my liking, but I still want to try the Select CoverUp and/or Moisturecover.

This all adds up and translate to........
I'm trying to narrow it down, but gosh-darnit, it's HARD!
I brought my rainboots to work, but it's NOT rainning =(


xppinkx said...

SWEEEEEEEEET...you see this is the creativity i love!!!...you made your own costume! you def. blow horse face out of the water.... =)

i have been wanting that MAC brush set because the brushes are just the brushes i need...but NORDY's was all sold out =(

but to answer your question...MAC studio finish is completely diff. then a concealer...the concealer is just to cover up acne or under-eye...so it's def. gunna be thicker and more concentrated than the mac studio finish which is for ALL over the face...but the Dior concealer is great to cover up acne...for under eye not so much since it's a drier base it might drag on the eye...

hopes this helps doll

great bloggette!!!

AnneNguyen said...

i bought the same brush set.. how are they? are they soft?? mine didnt come in yet -.-

angie519 said...

Great job on the costume! It looks just like the one in SATC! You look so cute!

OOoh I'm excited to see what you're gonna get from Sephora! I'm trying to narrow down my list but it isn't working so well either =P

jeSmakeup said...

thats a cute halloween costume =P looks u had fun too! haha u guys been bff since forever huh! yep familiar faces... we did go to the same HS lol ohh u got the MAC holiday brushes! they look soOoooooooooooo .... AHHH i want it!
it doesnt seem like u put on much makeup tho...

AnneNguyen said...

u were right the brushes suck!! lol