Friday, September 19, 2008

So..I just thought its about time that i should formally introduce myself to the blog world. I am the co-blogger of lovemakeup. My bestest friend decided to start up a blog and tricked me into blogging with her. hehehe.Currently in my last qtr of school, will be obtaining a degree in business adm. with an option in accounting. So...anyone who knows an opening for an me! =)I have a crazzzy addiction of spending my money on makeup.clothes and shoes....and more makeup. clothes and shoes! hehehe.With all that being's a lil haul on the awsome deals i got yesterday..went on a forever run with "C" and then went to happy hour at el torito! they have awsome margaritas there!you guys should def. check it out! I would recommend the peach or raspberry if you enjoy the fruity stuff.

- forever purchases -

*$ it in black and dark grey*

*$6.50...getting ready for fall and winter!*

So lately...i've been debating on whether i should get these boots! on a look out for flat boots!these are kinda a splurge..."c" has been trying to convince me to just get it..but not suure..need some opinions..should i? shouldn't i?



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Vanessa said...

I know crazy episode tonight! For some reason the whole Dan and Serena thing now bores me LOL. Now I want their parents to get together, LOL! As for the iPod color, I am leaning towards pink...but not quite sure yet!