Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Had a weekday fun of shopping and FREE movies with J. FREE because AE is giving out FREE AMC tickets to any one who tries on a pair of denim. Awesome deal! So, we ended up watching "Burn After Reading" and "The Women". Let's just say...I'm glad we didn't have to pay for them. They were both okay. I wouldn't really recommend them though, but again, everyone is different =]

Walked over to Forever 21 and did some damage. Didn't think I would find anything, but I was wrong...controlled myself and only ended up with 2 items.
I've been looking for a military-like coat, so this is pretty darn cute! Couldn't pass it up.
Can't wait till it gets cold so I can whip out all my coats and jackets!


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angie519 said...

For the longest time, I always said "I can't cook" and I ended up surprising myself. I'm in no means good, but way better than I thought =)

Thanks, you've got a great blog too! I never find anything at Forever 21 but that jacket is really really cute! I was looking at it for a while as I passed by and then realized, oh wait I have one almost just like it =P hahaha silly me.

I always miss my calls too cause I love my HUGE purses hehe

I recommend Smith's Rosebud Salve, Desert Essence Lip Rescue (jojoba and aloe vera), Blistex DCT (pink container), Yu-be lip therapy, and Korres lip butter.

I'm nuts about those chapsticks! My favorite one is Desert Essence's. I used Blistex DCT for 8+ years religiously. I like it better than the Lip Medex.